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Best Movies On Prime | Popular Movies on Prime Right Now

Best Movies On Prime​

Prime offers a comprehensive library of quality content, including a decent collection of best series, movies, and all kinds of genre videos to stream in sync. Prime Video has thousands of licensed Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more to entertain. One can spend hours at a comfortable place watching Prime videos for free. However, options are not advantageous all the time as it puts the users in trouble of confusion about which one they should play. Hence, new movies and classics just keep coming in Prime’s library, which will make you keep scrolling selecting the worth watching. 


Therefore, we brought the finest selections of Best Movies On Prime, so you don’t have to drill down to find a worth-watching. Stop scrolling more and just tap any of the suggested videos to stream in sync worldwide. Moreover, enjoy Prime’s unique and fascinating features, including amazing video and audio quality. 

Here Is The List Of Best Movies On Prime To Watch Right Now!!



Fargo is a crime drama movie based upon a real-life story. It is about a car salesman in Minneapolis who is so desperate for money that it leads him into debt. Hence, he hired two thugs in order to kidnap his own wife so that he could collect some ransom from his father-in-law to satisfy his debts. Watch this incredible cinematic movie and enhance your movie experience with friends.

Train to Busan

train to busan

It is an amazing South Korean movie where a father is trying to protect his young daughter on a train that is full of rampaging zombies. It is undoubtedly a popcorn entertainment movie available on Prime. If you love to watch the horror genre, you must stream Train To Busan at your Prime Watch Party.

Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo is the Most Devastating Horror Movie Ever Made. Lake Mungo is about family, loss, grief, and disclosing the hard decisions. Give a mystery touch to your watch party and enjoy the supernatural ghost story with friends in sync. Let’s start binge-watching on Prime and add your friends who live far away to enjoy the same movie together.

The Big Sick

the bigsick

The Big Sick has won over the hearts of millions of audiences till now. This movie is based upon the real-life of Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V. Gordon, who are writers of this movie themselves. Watch how the man tries to save his wife, who got sick after eight months of the relationship. Give your Prime Watch Party an emotional touch by streaming The Big Sick and start group watching worldwide.



The story of the Cinderella movie is quite interesting which will take you to the magic world. A beautiful peasant girl is asking for a dress from her fairy godmother. The fairy uses magic to make a glamorous dress. The story takes another turn when the prince enters her life, but the girl has to run away as she walks on her mother’s instruction. Have fun at your Prime Watch Party while streaming this miraculous movie, and add as many friends as you want to watch together virtually.