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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How To Do A Prime Watch Party On Amazon Prime

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It's more fun to stream with friends and family! Make your watch party fun with friends, even if they're far away, and share the love worldwide. Watch your favorite videos, movies, and TV Episodes virtually with up to 100 friends. Prime Watch Party is a social movie-watching web extension for Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscribers. Furthermore, with the Prime Video Watch Party, distance is no longer a factor in catching up with your dear friends and family. Viewers can experience smooth HD quality with no buffering issues. Moreover, the Prime Watch Party allows you to watch your favorite movies with your close ones from anywhere in sync. 


The extension functions as a link between you and your friends and family. But installing it on your devices is essential to get the most out of it. Additionally, the Prime Watch Party has a slew of unique features which will enhance your streaming experience for free. You can acquire control of the watch party, experience HD video quality and high resolution, stop buffering issues, and customize your user profile. 

However, the best feature has to be the live group chat, where you can react and talk while enjoying the video with your friends. Furthermore, you can add as many watch party members as you want. Therefore, enjoy the Prime Watch Party with an unlimited number of people. Now, without further ado, let's install the watch party extension. 


Get Watch Party for Amazon Prime

Hosting watch parties for Amazon Prime is an effortless process. Furthermore, it takes one or two minutes, and here you go to watch and chat with your friends no matter how far they are or their location.

1. You must first install the extension on your computer. To install the extension on your device, click here. Furthermore, you can get the extension from the Chrome Webstore. 

2. Next, you have to pin the extension. Thus, after installation, you'll see the extension icon in the browser's toolbar. Pin it. If the extension icon isn't visible there, click the icon in the form of a puzzle to find it and then pin it.

3. Go to the Prime Video streaming platform now and sign in to your individual account. Further, ensure that each person has their own account to host or participate in the watch party.

4. Choose a video you wish to watch with your friends and family at the watch party. To start the video, click Play.

5. When you click the extension icon, a tiny window with the title "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" will pop up. On that, the button saying "START A PARTY" will appear. Tap on it to create a watch party URL. 

6. You must share the watch party invitation link with your friends after clicking the button to create one. Forward the link to everyone you want to attend the Amazon Prime Watch Party. Copy and distribute the link.

7. Finally, click the link provided by your friend to accept the invitation and have the party of your dreams.

At the top of the page, you can see some controls which allow you to control the subtitles, the settings for the videos, the volume, and if you want to move to appear on full-screen on your PC. Your friends watching will have some control over what they see on their end.

You'll require an Amazon Prime account to begin a Watch Party and be bound to streaming titles only from Amazon's Prime Video library. Bonus, that's more than 15,000 movies, web series, and TV shows to watch; Amazon prime has everything for everyone. You can host an Amazon Watch Party on all PC browsers except iOS Safari and Explorer Internet. At the same time, the feature is not available on smartphone devices. It is also currently in beta, meaning you may notice issues or other errors while using it, even on compatible devices.

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