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How to Use Amazon Prime Watch Party to Stream With Up to 100 People

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If you are an Amazon Prime member, don’t restrict yourself until you shop and buy goods. Owning an Amazon Prime membership can also let you enjoy streaming movies, shows, and more. The best part is that you are never alone when it comes to watching videos. As you always have the option to invite your friends and organize your own Prime Watch Party, where you can invite your friends to stream together. 

Now, you must be thinking, how is it possible? If yes, then you must know that as per the recently launched feature by Amazon lets its Prime members watch movies and TV shows with friends only at Prime Video Watch Party. Not just this, via the new Prime Watch party feature, you can gather up to 100 people and begin streaming your favorite video content with them. Now, without further delay, let’s learn how to use the Amazon Prime Video Watch Party feature via a compatible web browser.

What do you Understand about the Prime Watch Party? 

Primarily, it is a new feature introduced and included in Amazon Prime Video. Using this feature allows Prime Video Party users to watch movies and TV shows with up to 100 people. Moreover, accessing this Prime Video Watch Party feature is free for every Amazon Prime member. Another thing related to this feature is its availability which is still unavailable on a wide range of devices. 

Therefore, the availability of Watch Party Prime is currently restricted to only desktop browsers excluding Internet Explorer and Safari. This also indicates that you cannot use the Watch Party feature on a number of devices, such as smart TV, Fire TV device, game console, tablet, or smartphones. Remember, there’s no need for a VPN while using Amazon Prime in the US. 

Who can use the Prime Watch party?

People who have an Amazon Prime Video account can use the Watch Party feature. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a standalone Prime Video subscription for $5.99 per month. Or even for an annual/yearly Prime membership for $119. Apart from this, not being an Amazon Prime member if you still want to join a watch party. Then, signing up for a 30-day free trial rather than any other subscription plan is recommended. Moreover, ensure to cancel your membership before the end of the monthly-free trial. So that you won’t get automatically charged for the subscription for no reason.

How to use the Prime Watch party?

In order to use the Prime Video Watch Party, begin by picking a movie or TV show to watch. And then, you need to click on the Watch Party button. After that, enter the desirable name and click Create Watch Party. Lastly, click on the “Copy Link” or “Share” option to send a link to others; who you want to invite. To send the Prime Video Watch Party, either choose email, social media, or any other option. Now let’s get started with the manual process: 

1. Begin by visiting the web browser and entering into the search field.  

2. Once you reach the Prime Video website, choose a TV show or movie that you want to watch.   

3. Next, click on “Watch Party,” which you can see under the title of the movie or TV show you want to watch.

4. Further, type the name into the text field and then click on the “Create Watch Party” icon. 

5. Lastly, click on the “Copy Link or Share” icon to send the “Prime Party” link to others. Inviting up to 100 people at once is allowed via this link. 

6. Remember, clicking on the same “Prime Party” link by any other Prime members will enable you to join the watch party via a desktop browser.

What are the Benefits of the Prime Watch Party?  

1. The primary one is that only the Prime Video Watch Party host is allowed to play, pause, or skip parts of the movie or TV show. 

2. Next, control over the watch party is in the hands of the host instead of other participants. 

3. The host and other participants can chat with each other while streaming. Only by clicking the Chat button, which you can see at the top-right corner of the browser’s window.

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