Prime Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to use the Prime Watch Party

It’s more fun to stream with a friend! Make your watch party fun with friends, even if they’re far away, and share the love around the world. Moreover, with Prime Watch Party, distance is no longer a factor, and viewers can experience smooth HD quality with no buffering issues. Furthermore, the Prime Watch Party allows you to watch your favorite movies with your friends and family from anywhere in sync. We’re pretty aware that the quarantine period has made us feel isolated and alone. As a result, we’ve created this extension for you so that you can communicate with your loved ones who reside far away.
Prime watch party

On the other hand, the extension functions as a link between you and your friends and family. Furthermore, you must install and download this extension to your devices to get the most out of it. So, without further ado, let’s get this extension installed. Additionally, the prime watch party has a slew of unique features which will enhance your streaming experience for free. You can acquire control of the watch party, experience HD video quality and high resolution, put a stop to buffering issues, and customize your user profile. However, the best feature has to be the live group chat where you can react and talk while enjoying the video with your friends. Furthermore, you can add as many watch party members as you want. Therefore, enjoy the prime watch party with an unlimited number of people.

How to use the Prime Watch Party?

Prime Video Party has been exclusively designed to provide the users with an easy and hassle-free watch party experience. Therefore, you can get started with the tool within a few simple steps:-

Install the Prime Watch Party extension
Pin the extension icon to the toolbar.
Sign In To Prime Video Account
Select and play a video
Host the prime watch party
Share the invitation link
Join the prime watch party

Features of Prime Watch Party

Prime Party comes with a wide range of features to enhance your Prime Video streaming experience:-

Watch videos with friends together
Join as many friends as you want
Control the Party
Chat with participants