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How to Host Amazon Prime Watch Party on Fire TV

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Being present in the same room to watch videos over an Amazon Prime Watch Party with your friends is an old thing. Because via the video playback in sync feature available at the Prime Video Watch Party, you can share your streaming experience with close distant ones from anywhere at your Prime Party. Besides watching movies & shows with friends, you can even enjoy communicating with them via the real-time chat-in-sync feature. 

Moreover, if you think the enjoyment has ended here, you need to rethink, as there’s much more to fill your Prime Party with fun. However, besides entertainment, there’s a proper process to turn all the above things into reality. Furthermore, it all starts with the prerequisites needed to host a Prime Watch Party on Fire TV. Afterward, creating and joining a Prime Video Watch Party takes place. So don’t wait; grab your popcorn and a cold drink and prepare yourself to watch all your favorite videos at an online Watch Party Prime along with your 99 other friends. In order to get started with the process to create a Prime Video Party, simply follow the below manual guide. 

What are the Requirements to Host a Prime Watch Party?

Before you even start with the process of hosting a Prime Video Watch Party. Learning about the prerequisites or requirements needed for hosting a Watch Party Prime is relevant. And these are:    

1. Everyone participating needs to have their own Amazon Prime subscription.

2. Ensure that no one is using Safari or Internet Explorer web browsers. The fact is these web browsers are not compatible with the Prime Video Watch Party. 

3. If you plan to watch a movie or show, does that require a separate purchase? Then, everyone in the group must purchase the same content. Otherwise, stick to the content included with your Prime membership.

4. Keep in mind that regional restrictions may affect the availability of certain content. Especially when hosting or attending a watch party while traveling internationally.

How to Host a Prime Watch Party on Fire TV?

It only takes a few steps to host a Prime Watch party where you are allowed to invite 99 friends of yours. So, let’s have a look at the downward steps and see how the process works: 

1. Begin by opening the Prime Video app on Fire TV. After that, you need to select a movie or show.

2. Next, you need to click on the Watch Party icon (a party popper). Once you are done, proceed by choosing "Create a Watch Party."

3. If you are using a smart device, then open the provided link in a browser. And then, begin by entering your chat name.

4. Further, you need to select the "Join Chat" option and start watching on your Fire TV. 

5. Remember, using your smart device alongside watching on Fire TV allows you to enter the chat and communicate with friends and family. 

6. Lastly, don’t forget to share the link with your network to invite them to join the party.

How to Join a Prime Watch Party on Fire TV?  

Here are some steps leading you towards joining a Watch Party Prime. But ensure that your friends are using the Fire TV, too, while proceeding. And these are:

1. Firstly, you must enter the provided link into their mobile browser to receive a code.

2. Next, open the Prime Video app on their Fire TV. And don’t forget to visit "My Stuff" and select the "Find a Watch Party" option. 

3. Enter the code to sync up and start watching. Note that all created links expire after seven days. To schedule a Watch Party, create a calendar invite and set up the Watch Party closer to the event.

Hosting a Prime Watch Party Is Easy With Prime Watch Party; you can easily host a movie or show for up to 100 people through a web browser or Fire TV. You can chat throughout the entire viewing experience to stay connected without interruptions. Remember, other streaming services like Hulu and Disney+ also offer watch party features.

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